Rain day ☔️

This afternoon comprised of all the five darlings and I watching the rain cool of the heat . We are harvesting the last of the pepper this week. And I couldn’t be happier about the rain. We waited 2 weeks for it . The coffee blossoms needed it .they were quite parched and dint look promising for next years crop. It also hailed a lil bit. And lana had her fun eating the hail stones and got her tounge numb .

I am also thankful for this click of all the five babies . I never get them all in one picture .ever.

From the top lana (restless with her tounge out as usual, today she learnt about tounge numbing 😄and also about climbing the jeep and sitting on the passenger seat like Mia.then there is Mia and Tyson (dear old Tyson is about 14 years old and is partly deaf and blind on one eye ) hog and Juliet lounging on the chair as usual, looking over the rest (the eldest of the females she is) 


That’s all for today . Goin to drink some tea and watch the rain dance for me ..have a good evening ya’ll👋

Peppery tales

After coffee , pepper is the most harvested cash crop in Coorg . From mid February to early April , just after coffee harvesting , pepper picking is commenced . The spicy aroma lingers in the plantations throughout these months . 

We also welcomed some light showers to the end of February . We also call this blossom showers . The estates look as though they are snow covered for days . The coffee blossoms are divinely white, aromatic flowers . A sight to see. 

Thus planning a weekend getaway to Coorg this time of the year is quite apt . The days are sunny and nights are cool .

Hope to see you’ll soon around these parts . Have a good week ! 

There’s always a first time ..

after years of contemplating about blogging and my friends persuading me about sharing my everyday ongoings , I finally decided to start .so here goes –

Hello folks , Tanvi here . Signing in from beautiful place called Coorg , amidst coffee plantations and miles and miles of lush green serenity .

I live with my parents and our 5 dogs .Two of which (Mia and lana ) are likely to take up a lot of Space here I reckon . 

For a living I run a bed and breakfast called “Sylvan Cottage” which also happens to be our home . And I run the coffee plantation with my father and help out my mother who happens to be a florist . 

I’m exited to see how this turns out. Here’s a picture of lana and Mia , both Shepards , scouting the area for frogs . Haha . 

That’s all for today . Hoping for the best . Wish me luck .